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Rameshwar Das, the tall and gaunt devotee from Ambala, arrived at Shri Nathji’s residence and wept openly at the going away of Mateshwari. He caught hold of Shri Nathji’s feet and would not let go even as he wept.
I am Hanumana!  The stolidly built Rameshwar Das used to say to Shri Nathji, let me remain at thy feet forever!
His devotion to Mahamateshwari was a devotion to Maharani Sita. In the years past, Shri Nathji was once sitting at a distance from Mahamateshwari in Dehra Dun, when Rameshwar Das exclaimed loudly:
Nathji! I cannot bear to see you sitting separate from Mateshwari! Bring her chair close to yours! Promise me you will never separate Mateshwari from yourself again–like you separated Sita from yourself when you were Rama!
On this occasion when he met Shri Nathji after Shri Nathji’s return from London, he said:
You did not grant me my wish! You sent Mateshwari away! Call her back, I pray you, call her back! Call Shri Babaji Maharaj back as well! You had said he would come back again!