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S.K. Joshi of Allahabad took leave from his office and prayed to Shri Nathji that he be allowed to tend to the kitchen for a while. Brij Mohan was relieved of his kitchen duties and S.K. Joshi began cooking food for Shri Nathji.
Joshi had an infirmity that had plagued him since years. He would talk to himself and mumble whenever he was alone. It was a habit that he could not give up even at Shri Nathji’s place. Whenever he cooked in the kitchen he would be heard mumbling.
Pran Nath, who did not know of Joshi’s debility, used to listen to his mumblings and mistook them for the grumblings of a discontented man. He even thought that perhaps Joshi had overstayed his visit and wished to return to Allahabad, and was therefore cursing and fuming.
One day Pran Nath could endure it no longer and went after Joshi in the kitchen with great anger. Joshi ran out of the kitchen and raced out of the hall and into the street outside, with Pran Nath at his heels.
The misunderstanding was soon cleared up–but a miracle occurred. Joshi’s infirmity disappeared altogether! What doctors had not been able to cure for years, Pran Nath had cured in a single angry outburst.
Shri Nathji would quote the incident many times and repeat his verse:

Gussaa teraa davaa hai, raihmat teri gizaa hai,
Shaanen hain teri jitneen jaane jahaaniyaan hain

Thy anger is our medicine and thy mercy our nourishment
Thy glories are the life of the world.

Gaali to dee usne savaal par hazaar shukr
Daste savaal jaadaye raahe sukhan huyaa

He abused me for my query–a thousand thanks!
At least my question made him speak to me!