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During the early days of his stay at the new colony, Priya Nath would frequently drive the Standard car and take Shri Nathji to the main city. They would go to Connaught Place, India Gate, and Janpath. They would also frequent the Green Park Market and Yusuf Sarai, close to their colony, and the supermarket next to the Sarfdarjang flyover.
Shri Nathji would frequently send telegrams to his devotees, blessing them on various occasions of births, marriages, etc., and he would use the Post Office at the Sarfdarjang Air Port for the purpose. He would also frequently go the Eastern Court Post Office at Janpath.
All these places had been hallowed by Shri Nathji’s feet, unknown even to them and the people who lived there.
Shri Nathji frequented the Kwality Restaurant at Regal Building where he would frequently converse with a moustachioed pavement bookseller and bless him. Priya Nath referred to the man humorously as “muchhal”–the moustached one–and made Shri Nathji laugh.
Shri Nathji also visited the United Coffee House and the Embassy Restaurant as well as a relatively inconspicuous restaurant in Connaught Place known as Hotel Palace Heights, which sometimes had only two visitors – Shri Nathji and Priya Nath.
Shri Nathji would walk into various shops along the arcades of Connaught Place and purchase various items from there. Jainsons shop and Snowhite had become his favourites for small knick-knacks like vests, shirts and socks. Then there was the Bata shop from which he purchased his shoes. It was a strange sight, seeing Shri Nathji pace back and forth in the shoe-shop trying on a shoe while the salesman eyed him quizzically with awe and respect.
No one could decipher who or what he was, but he was giving his darshan to thousands of people in these visits.
People saw him, they felt the Glory and Majesty of his personality, they saw the divine glow on his face, and they stopped and turned to look at him twice, they took his image home with themselves and wondered who he was. Little did they know that they had seen God walking in their midst, described in Shri Nathji’s verse:

Bhes badle maifile agyaar men baithhe hain ham
Vo samajhte hain koyi opraa saa aur hai

Disguised, I sit in the midst of strangers,
They think of me as coming from somewhere else.

There were the beggars and the newspaper sellers in the streets who had come to recognise Shri Nathji from the large alms he gave them. They would be seen frequently chasing and surrounding Shri Nathji as he walked along the arcades at Connaught Place.
Shri Nathji had not come into the world for the intellectuals, scientists, and the people of status that desired him; he had come for these beggars and children on the streets as well. He had to give them his darshan so that their lives would find fulfilment and they would not be born as beggars into this world again.