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When Sri Krishen Khanna, the elder brother of Mateshwari and the maternal uncle of Priya Nath, came to know of Shri Nathji’s wish to get Priya Nath married, he arrived in Delhi from Calcutta with his daughter, Geeta.
He did so against the wishes of his own wife who had no faith in Shri Nathji whatsoever. The girl was so completely won over by Shri Nathji and Priya Nath and became so devoted that she would offer worship to Mateshwari’s photo every morning. There was even a time when she asked Shri Nathji to embrace her because she felt that she had been his daughter in some past birth.
She was much more modern than Urmila, but had a purer heart. Shri Nathji liked her modernity and so did Priya Nath. Shri Nathji and Priya Nath, along with Sri Krishen Khanna and Geeta would go out together to take food in all the elite restaurants and hotels of the city, only to keep the girl pleased. The matter had even gone so far as an engagement, but, then, Sri Krishen Khanna’s wife sent an ultimatum to him from Calcutta that she would commit suicide if he married Geeta to Priya Nath.
Sri Krishen had always been greatly attached and subservient to his wife, and the thought horrified him. Sri Krishen was so mortified with the reaction of his wife that he said to Shri Nathji: “I made a mistake by proposing my daughter, knowing of the opposition of my wife. I, as Priya Nathji’s uncle should have resolved to find the best girl in the whole world for him!”
Shri Nathji asked him and Geeta to return to their home at Calcutta and come later after they had taken the consent of the girl’s mother. However this was not to be.
Some relatives in Delhi, who were instigated by Sri Krishen’s wife, sent anonymous threats to Shri Nathji, that they would murder him and Priya Nath if he agreed to the proposal of Geeta. Priya Nath was able to locate the culprits through clever detection, but took no action against them.
Sri Krishen Khanna was so shocked at the horrors that he had unwittingly wrought upon Shri Nathji and Priya Nath that he sent a letter to Shri Nathji, saying: “My association is causing suffering to the divine family. Hence my silence is the only cure.”
And it was thus that another marriage proposal came to an end, and a valuable devotee was taken away from Shri Nathji’s darbaar to live far away from him for the next ten years in a state of mortification, until the divine grace brought him back again.
During those days of the anonymous threats to Shri Nathji’s life, the only security that Shri Nathji had was that provided by the two old ladies, Veeran Devi and Shakuntala, who would sit outside Shri Nathji’s gate and not allow any strangers to come inside.
Priya Nath recalled the ancient stories he had read about the numerous conflicts that had arisen in the marriage proposals of the descendants of Lord Krishna, and sometimes compared them with the complexities he was facing, in which Shri Nathji had been unwittingly and innocently drawn.