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There was a time when Shri Nathji had purchased a new almirah and had it brought to the house at Kirti Nagar. However, the almirah was too large to enter the doorway of the drawing room where it had to be placed.
Those trying to get the almirah into the room tried every conceivable manoeuvre but they failed. The almirah was simply too large for the frame of the door.
When all efforts to get it inside the room had failed, Mrs. Bahl, who had been observing the scene, applied her hand to the almirah and said very loudly:
“Bol Jai Shri Nathji kee!
No sooner had she invoked Shri Nathji’s name than the wooden almirah slid, as if by magic, inside the room, much to the astonishment of all present.