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Mrs. Chaudhri, Shri Nathji had said to her, my blessings remain around you all the time. They are invisible, like the air which sustains life, and are there when man needs them!
Mrs. Chaudhri was travelling with her small grand-daughter in her Herald car, when she was hit by a truck. The car was smashed to pieces. When people prised open the crushed roof of the car and dragged the inmates out, they discovered the old lady and her granddaughter alive. Neither she nor her granddaughter had even a scratch!
She rushed straight from the scene of the accident to Shri Nathji’s house to thank him for the manner in which he had saved her.
At another time, her little grand-daughter fell out of her car while the car was in motion. Mrs. Chaudhri rushed to the child only to find her safe and sound. She had earlier brought the little girl for Shri Nathji’s blessings. It was apparent that his blessings lingered on even when the person was oblivious of them.