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Priya Nath thought of naming the English translation. “The First Rays of Dawn”. It was a book in which Shri Nathji was present with the reader each and every day of the year. Someone had suggested naming the book: “365 Thoughts for Peace of Mind”, however Priya Nath thought that “The First Rays of Dawn” sounded more poetic, inasmuch as Shri Nathji’s writing was sheer poetry. 
Anyone who had this book with him had Shri Nathji with him in the form of Shri Nathji’s thoughts. It was the one book which everyone in the world desperately needed, because peace of mind was a quality without which man could not survive.
Shri Nathji had often said:
“If you have indigestion even the food brought from the best hotel in the world will not have any attraction for you. In fact you won’t even look at it, and may even vomit at the sight of it.
“In a like manner you cannot enjoy the material things of the world if there is no peace in your mind. In fact the material things of the world will appear dreadful without peace. Therefore in order to enjoy the world you must first have peace within you! That is my short message to the world. And in order to have peace you must keep God within your heart all the time.

“Nami goyam ke az duniyaa judaa baash
Ba har kaare ke baashi ba Khudaa baash

I do not say that you must leave the world,
But in whatever work you do, keep God with yourself!”