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The nights became intolerably noisy, as these newly rich kept up sustained drinking bouts for late hours. Since Shri Nathji’s room was next door, the disturbance caused him to leave the room and shift to another hotel. He moved to Grand Hotel on the Mall, and stayed there for one night.
Perhaps it was to bless the Grand Hotel and its owner that Shri Nathji had stayed there for one night. Shri Nathji was always drawn to places and people, which deserved him in some mysterious, unseen way.
Shri Nathji, thereafter, returned to the Metropole Hotel, where the revellers had left.
His work at the Metropole Hotel was unfinished. Two spiritually thirsty souls had been left unsatiated. As for the revellers, their way of life was soon to bring them to an unholy end in the months that were to follow.
At the time that Shri Nathji had left the Metropole to move to the Grand Hotel, the revellers had laughed with childish glee at the mischief they had wrought.