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Priya Nath asked Rajinder Kohli to locate some qawaaals and to bring them to their new home at Sarvodya Enclave. Kohli was able to find them at the tomb of Nizammuddin in Delhi. The Qawwaals were hired for a mere eighty rupees. They came before Shri Nathji in worn, bedraggled clothes. Apparently they were very poor.
However, the sight of Shri Nathji put new life into them. They began to sing before him with great feeling. Without knowing who Shri Nathji was, or why he had called them, the qawwaals all at once felt spiritual vibrations surge through them. They were thrilled at the beautiful divine personality of Shri Nathji sitting before them in the drawing room. And they began singing with great feeling:

Ishq ki iptadaa bhee tum, husn ki intahaa  bhee tum
Raihne do raaz khul gayaa, bande bhee tum Khudaa bhee tum

Thou art the beginning of Love, and Thou the limits of Beauty too,
The secret must out–Thou art man, and Thou art God as well!

All those who were present on the occasion were surprised at the Qawwaal’s words. Here was a total stranger singing a song, which was within the hearts of all the devotees:

Noor ho roshani ho tum, ishq ki zindagi ho tum
Apne mareez ishq kaa dard bhee tum, davaa bhee tum

Thou art Glory, and Thou art Light, Thou art the life of Love itself,
For one afflicted by Love, Thou art the pain and Thou the cure!

The qawwaals also sang a particular qawaalli which Shri Nathji enjoyed the most of all, and which had a very lilting tune that would make Shri Nathji sway with ecstasy and clap his hands, each time the tune was played in later days by Priya Nath:

Mat poochhiye vakte tanhaayi ham kaise guzaaraa karte hain
Ik pardaa nasheen ki seene men tasveer utaaraa karte hain

Ask me not how I spend my days of solitude;
I paint the portrait of a Veiled One on my heart

Then again there was the verse:

Issee kaayanaathh men ai Jigar
Kabhi inquilaab uthhegaa phir

In this Universe, O Heart,
The cry for Freedom shall rise again!

That cry for freedom had arisen once again with the advent of Shri Nathji upon earth. He had come to liberate mankind. The verse that the qawwaal was singing defined Shri Nathji’s avatar upon earth better than any philosophy could have done. Shri Nathji was Love personified. And he was the highest beauty that existed in the world.
On the one hand there was Shri Nathji involved in all the worldly pursuits that worldly men were disposed to follow, and on the other hand he was God Himself, one with the infinity of His All Pervading Invisible Self.