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Dr. Kapoor Singh, who had met Shri Nathji in 1963,while walking on the street, had become his, forever. It was his wish that Shri Nathji should be made known to as many people as possible and that he should emerge from his self-imposed confinement.
Shri Nathji had often said:
“I have to place numerous veils upon myself when I come before people. If my light came out in the fulness of its effulgence, people would know me for who I am, and there would be an unprecedented stampede of thousands of people in which I would be simply crushed! I can call the whole world here in an instant. But where will I put it? I do not need to makes crores of followers. The whole world belongs to me!”
“One plus one is equal to two. If the whole world believes in it, it will still remain two. And if no one believes in it, it will still remain two.
“The sun has come out. If all the eyes are open, its light will not increase. And if all the eyes are closed, its light will not decrease. It will go on doing its work silently, regardless of whether eyes open to it or not!”
Sardar Kapoor Singh was the President of the Theosophical Society at New Delhi, and he invited Shri Nathji to speak to the members of the Theosophical Society as well as the public at Patel Nagar. Justice B.P. Sinha, the retired Chief Justice of India, who had known Shri Nathji since the past twenty years, when he had visited him at Mussoorie, welcomed Shri Nathji at the Theosophical hall, referring to Shri Nathji as a great saint, and garlanding him.
Dr. Kapoor Singh told the audience:
“When Shri Nathji begins speaking, hold on to your hearts–or else something might happen to them! Kaheen kuchh ho naa jaaye!”
As Shri Nathji’s words flowed out in a divine deluge, his listeners were intoxicated with divine bliss and were taken to a plane where space and time did not exist, where there was only an all-pervading God-consciousness stemming from Shri Nathji. A glow of joy came over the faces of all who listened to him. Shri Nathji had stolen their hearts. Many in the audience had begun to weep.
After Shri Nathji’s sermon was over, a Sikh gentleman, who was a widely travelled Theosophist, got up and said:
There was a time when all the hairs in my beard were black. I had heard Shri Nathji speak at Lahore. He was a very young man at the time. There was a powerful aura of divinity around him, and his sermons brought the heavens down to earth. Today, the hairs in my beard are white. Forty years have elapsed. And Shri Nathji’s radiance is as powerful as before! His words carry the same power. They enter the inner being with shattering force! I am listening to him today, exactly after forty years!