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Shri Nathji often spoke of the tribulations that came in the life of Zoroaster, the Great Prophet of the Parsees. The forces of evil were rampant in the world, along with the good.
Ahura Mazda was the Creator, and Ahriman, Satan, one of His creations.
Shri Nathji once said:
“The interesting question arises: Have Ahura Mazda and Ahriman existed from time immemorial? No, this is not so. For He, who existed in the beginning, before Creation, was One. He was beyond name, shape and form; He was beyond attributes and beyond qualities – for attributes and qualities can only be defined when there is more than one.
“Therefore, in the beginning, there was no place for Ahriman. There was One only–and He was Ahura Mazda, God.
“Ahriman was born along with the rest of the Universe. The coming of light established the existence of darkness. Light caused darkness to shrink away, but at the same time it gave rise to dark shadows. The greater the circle of life expanded, the greater was the circumference of darkness that surrounded it.
“What is a shadow? A blocking of light. Darkness is born when light is absent. And darkness is destroyed when light emerges. Therefore, darkness is a proof of the existence of light!
“Ahriman was born out of the creation of the Universe, and the Radiant Effulgence of Ahura Mazda manifested itself at the same time. In this manner arose the two forces together–Good and Evil.
“The devices of Satan, Ahriman, the storms of the oceans, the tremblings of the earth, the deluge of sorrows, did only one thing–they created a need for God in the minds of men. And when mankind cried out to Him in its sufferings, He had to leave His resting place in the Heavens and descend to the earth to protect His children.
“In the end, light must triumph because light is a positive thing, whilst darkness is the absence of light–it is a nega­tive thing. And that, which is negative, does not exist to begin with. Victory must go to Ahura Mazda.
“The scheme of Creation contains within itself, right from the beginning, the ultimate emergence of the Light of Ahura Mazda, bathing in its glory and purifying the entire Universe.
“And when that time is nigh, faded hearts shall be brought back to life, sorrow shall cease to exist; there shall be peace everywhere and man shall attain everlasting life. The sun that rises at such a time shall know of no sunset; in­stead of the sound of weeping, there shall be the sound of laughter.
“The world shall become a vast heaven. Man shall be with his father–God, and the hand of God shall offer protec­tion to all. The angels, devis and devtaas, shall descend to earth upon their chariots and herald the reign of Peace in all corners of the world.
“God shall appear before all in human form and His devotees shall rejoice and point towards Him and say: ‘Look! There is the God whose existence people cast doubts upon!’ And this revelation, this nearness to God shall give greater happiness than salvation itself! Let me congratulate you all–the time has come! Vo vakt aa gayaa hai!
“Lord Zoroaster prophesied the coming of such a time when people shall see Ahura Mazda in a visible form and when all the powers of Satan shall come to an end, and when the Divine Power shall reign upon earth for all time to come.
“With the going away of Ahriman, all death and suffering shall cease, and man shall rise above time. This last scheme of the Universe is destined by God. It was not only Zoroaster, the prophet of the Parsees, who envisioned it, but also other religions of the world. All the energies of Nature are directed towards this end.
The Hindus had been waiting for the Nishkalank Avatar, the Christians were waiting for the second coming of Christ, the Muslims for Imam Mehdi, the Sikhs for the Kalgi Avatar–so much so, that every man in the world waited for the coming of His Saviour.
And He had come for all–in the form of Shri Nathji.
The greatness of the Avatar lay not in his being recognised by large multitudes, but rather, by very few people. Rama and Krishna were recognised by very few during their time, Christ had only twelve disciples. Zoroaster was persecuted and eventually murdered. The Great Souls that came, went unrecognised and persecuted during their time. However, the seed they sowed in a few genuine hearts gave place to a spiritual regeneration in the world.