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In the days that followed, there was a time when she was praying to Shri Nathji in her prayer room. Suddenly she heard the sounds of running feet, and cries from outside that her husband had been killed in a violent incident. Those were the days when riots were going on in Chandrapur and people were being killed daily.
The shock was unbearable for her. The man who brought the news urged her to come with him. But she clung to Shri Nathji’s portrait and wouldn’t leave the pooja room. She had not finished her prayer. Why? O, Why? she wept before Shri Nathji’s portrait. She prayed that her husband be restored to her.
When she opened her eyes, she found her husband standing before her, smiling! It was an incident that she would repeat ever afterwards to Shri Nathji whenever she met him, and also to other devotees.