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Shri Nathji found out that some of his books had been placed for sale near the venue of his lectures. Rumour also reached his ears that some people were collecting money from the visitors to build up a fund. Shri Nathji immediately put a halt to it and said he would leave Nagpur the very next day if any collections were made from the public.
He said in a somewhat angry tone: “I am not bound to speak to anyone. I have not come to sell books. I have not taken money to come and give lectures here. If I so wish, I may not meet anyone at all! Main paise lekar lecture dene naheen aayaa! Main chaahoon to kal kissee ko bhi naa miloon!”
The people realised all at once that Shri Nathji could be stern when he chose to be, and they immediately put a halt to their activities. Their respect for Shri Nathji went up manifold. He was not like the sadhus and mahatmas they had been accustomed to, who set about selling their literature and collecting funds.