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Shri Nathji would feel greatly relaxed after Priya Nath had made him laugh with his jokes. However Shri Nathji would say time and again:

“Piyaji, meraa ye tajurbaa hai ke kabhee kisse jagah zyaadaa naheen tthaiharnaa chaaiye! Tarah tarah ke log milne lagte hain!

“Priyaji, it has been my experience that one must never stay for too long at any one place! One never knows what kind of people one comes across in a prolonged stay.”

Shri Nathji had stayed on longer at Nagpur than intended, because he thought the cheerful and devotional atmosphere there was very invigorating for Priya Nath, who had been through the tremendous strain of printing books at Delhi.
Shri Nathji was fatiguing himself no end by giving public lectures and at the same time speaking to all and sundry who came to his room at all hours of the day or night. Yet he carried through this massive effort for the joy and happiness it gave Priya Nath and the peace and bliss it gave the multitudes.
However, Shri Nathji was right about not staying there for too long. There was a mischievous element in the area which tried to belittle Shri Nathji’s visit to Nagpur by giving scurrilous news to the newspapers, but it was silenced soon enough when it saw the firm faith of the devotees.
When Priya Nath wished to file a suit for defamation against the culprits and the newspaper, a journalist said to him: “God must not be revengeful!” and Priya Nath replied: “God has created the Law of Karma which punishes every man for his actions. It is indirectly a law of retribution or revenge! Lord Krishna made Arjuna seek revenge against the Kauravas for their misdeeds! Lord Rama killed Ravana!”
Tara Buty was greatly struck by Priya Nath’s courage in fighting for Shri Nathji’s honour and reputation and said:
“Priya Nathji men bahut swaih-abhimaan hai! He has a great degree of self-respect!”
Priya Nath had vomited on their way back by car from Chandrapur to Nagpur, and Shri Nathji had been very worried lest someone had played any mischief. This appeared likely because it was at Priya Nath’s insistence that Shri Nathji had accepted the invitation to go to Chanda despite the opposition by many devotees at Nagpur, who had wished to have Shri Nathji all to themselves.