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There was a very interesting occasion when Shri Nathji was invited to a Gaushala where they were giving away cows. His brief lecture on the day produced such a wonderful feeling in the area that even the cows appeared to be lost in bliss.
Apart from brief trips to Ambazari Garden where Shri Nathji would go for a walk in the evenings, he remained closeted within one room at Tara Buty’s house for over a month.
It was a month the people of Nagpur would remember ever afterwards. Shri Nathji and Priya Nath shared the same room, even though a large separate room had been provided for Shri Nathji by Tara Buty.
Priya Nath slept for one full month in a wooden armchair next to Shri Nathji’s bed. He had ever to be careful to hold Shri Nathji by the arm in the teeming crowds. Shri Nathji, on his part, would be the ever caring and loving father even in the midst of this intensely spiritual atmosphere.