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Priya Nath would find solitary moments with Shri Nathji and Sahadeva, and frequently try to amuse Shri Nathji with humorous anecdotes about the devotees there.
He would refer to the panic of Shri Muley who would make a way for Shri Nathji amongst the crowds, shouting at the people and pushing them aside, with the words:
“Dhakke mat maaro! Dhakke mat maaro! No pushing! No pushing!”– while doing all the pushing himself.
Priya Nath would often humorously compare Shri L.A. Muley to a security officer wielding a Sten Gun, whenever Muley would stand holding the iron rod of the microphone at an oblique angle for Shri Nathji.
But humour apart, Shri Muley had a deep regard for Priya Nath, and would often say:
“Priya Nathji remains by the side of Shri Nathji like his shadow! Vo saaye ki tarah Shri Nathji ke saath raihte hain!”
And Shri Nathji would say:

“Muleyji, saayaa bhee andhere men saath chhorr detaa hai. Priya Nathji to tab bhee mere saath hote hain!

“Muley, even one’s shadow leaves oneself in the darkness, but Priya Nathji remains with me even then.”

Priya Nath would also recollect how once the microphone was being lowered from the stage to the people in the audience, where Dr. Purekar wished to sing a bhajan. Priya Nath noted with apprehension the speed with which the long iron rod of the microphone was being lowered, and he was not surprised when it hit the devotee on his head, with the loud resounding sound booming out over the loudspeakers.
Priya Nath also mentioned the slow and sleepy manner in which Shri Sahadeva Tayal was handing out Shri Nathji’s pictures to the queue of people who came inside to prostrate at Shri Nathji’s feet. He would say to them: “Ye rakshaa hai–aur poojaa hai! This is for your protection–and for your worship.”
However he was speaking with such slowness, that by the time he handed over the picture and said the second half of his sentence, the man was gone, leaving Sahadeva to say “aur pooja hai” to himself!
Priya Nath had invited Shri Narsikar to the lectures of Shri Nathji even though his presence there was very unwelcome to some devotees.
As Shri Nathji spoke, Narsikar interjected with a “Wah-Wah!” every now and then. Each time he said “Wah-Wah” his detractors looked at him with anger, and the moment they had turned their heads away, Narsikar would say “Wah-Wah!” again, causing their heads to wobble this way and that, with confusion