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Dr. Babtiwale had passed away peacefully some years ago, and there was his wife, singing the unpublished songs her husband had left behind.

“Bhola Nath ke premi bane ham
Ab duniyaa prem kare na kare
Duniyaa kaa Maalik hee milaa
Ab Duniyaan chaahe mile na mile
Charanon men mujhe sthaan milaa
Ab rutbaa koyi mile na mile

We have become the lovers of Bhola Nath
It matters little whether the world loves us now or not
We have found the Creator of the world,
It matters not whether we get the world or not
We have found a place in His Feet,
It matters not whether we acquire status or not.”

Dr. Babtiwale had but one aim left in life, and that was to spread the light of Shri Nathji. This was seen in his bhajan below:

“Gobind ko ik aas jeevan men
Prabhu yash deep jalaaoon ghar ghar men

Gobind has but one wish left in life,
To light the lamp of the Lord’s Glory in every home.”

Dr. Babtiwale had died at a young age. He had a premonition of his death many months before he died. All his songs carried this theme:

“Mar jaaoon Prabhu ke charnon men,
Armaan ye poori karo re Prabhuji

Let me die at thy, feet, O Lord,
Fulfil Thou this wish of mine!”

His yearning for a resting place in the house of God had been fulfilled. He had passed away with this realisation. His sons and his wife were filled with an inner peace. They knew Dr. Babtiwale had obtained salvation.