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In Chandrapur, there was a certain Mrs. Prabhavati Raithatha, who had long been a devotee of Shri Nathji. She was the niece of Shri Popat Lal the staunch devotee of Shri Nathji. She and her relatives had gone on the long pilgrimage to Mussoorie in June 1946 to secure Shri Nathji’s darshan twenty seven years ago.
Mateshwari’s song:
Prabhu mere sharan teri main aayaa
had remained alive in her heart over the years. Whenever she sang the song, her voice would reflect a trace of the sound of Mateshwari singing herself. She had played with Pran Nath and Priya Nath when they were children at Shadi Bhavan in Mussoorie.
Prabhavati suffered from violent spasmodic fits that had plagued her life. Upon meeting Shri Nathji in Chandrapur that year, her fits suddenly left her. She had one seizure and that was the last. The divine aura around Shri Nathji freed everyone of his ailment even without a prayer being offered.
Her faith in Shri Nathji was so intense that she said:
The whole world can break into pieces, but my hands shall never leave your holy feet!
After the passing away of Mateshwari, Shri Nathji returned to his strict observance of Maryaadaa–wherein he would have only men devotees around him, and bless the women from a distance.
This caused Prabhavati to remark: It has become impossible to serve you now by virtue of my being a woman. Either you should not have given me birth as a woman, or else you should not have come down on earth in human form as an avatar! If one cannot serve God, of what use is this earthly life?
Shri Nathji however blessed her so that she found the satisfaction she sought in the service of her own family. Shri Nathji always fulfilled the wishes of those who prayed to him.