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Shri Nathji had a pleasant surprise in Nagpur when he met an old friend of R.R. Khanna who immediately recognised Shri Nathji and said to him: I remember now the verse R.R.Khanna quoted whenever he spoke of you:

Kabhi ai Haqueeqate Muntazar
Nazar aa libaase majaaz men
Ke hazaaron sajde tarrap rahe hain
Meri jabeene niyaaz men

O thou Boundless Reality!
Appear once before me in human form,
For thousands of prostrations await their fulfilment,
Upon my forehead.

It was a remnant of Shri Nathji’s past coming alive again. The desire of R. R. Khanna to see Shri Nathji recognised as the Saviour of mankind had come true. The Haqueeqate Muntazar was striding forth in all His Glory in human form, and the thousands of prostrations that had awaited their fulfilment upon the foreheads of thousands of people had found their place at Shri Nathji’s feet.
We have become yours, we are yours, forever, said Tara Buty, whose house had become a temple of God.
Those were the days when Mrs. Gangabai Bhutt had also shifted to Nagpur from Jabalpur and was present throughout the one month stay of Shri Nathji at the house of Tara Buty.