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I am placing my heart before you in the form of my words.
When the Sun comes out, the people of the world busy themselves in the affairs of life–spiritual or worldly. Dewdrops begin to sparkle on the petals of flowers, and the birds awaken to the light of the Sun.
But there are many creatures who close their eyes. The very light, which illumines the world, becomes a source of darkness for them. They cannot open their eyes, try as they may. One thing can become the source of happiness to some and yet be the cause of unhappiness to others.
History and mythology have spoken of two streams of thought–Religion and Science. These are like different routes that lead to the same goal.
There are some scientists who do not believe in the existence of God. I am not speaking of scientists like my son, Priya Nath, or of famous scientific luminaries like Einstein–who acknowledge the existence of God.
Some days ago, a scientist, who did not believe in God, was asked whether he thought a table with a flat top and four legs was capable of creating itself. The formation of the table showed there was some purpose for its existence. It was a purposeful creation. The table pointed to the existence of a carpenter who created it. How, then, could one visualise a Universe without a Creator?
Today my heart is heavy, I feel sorry for those who are denying themselves a basic truth. They are being left bereft of a Great Thing in life.
If there were no storms in the ocean, it would not deliver up pearls to the shore; if there were no darkness in the skies, the light of the stars and moon would never be visible. If there were no atheism in the world, God would never have had to come down to earth.
Today, an effigy of Ravana is burnt with vengeance in all parts of the country. The very act of burning the shape of Ravana means a hatred for everything he symbolised. Ravana was a great intellectual, a very learned man, but his knowl­edge took him on the path of evil. Though we show such great dislike for Ravana, we possess evil tendencies within us, too,–greed, hatred, anger, lust.
Some say that Ravana was greater then Rama, because he possessed two qualities, Rajoguna and Tamoguna, the power of materialism and the power of evil, while Rama possessed only Satoguna–the power of righteousness. But the two qualities of Ravana were not an indivisible unit, like the Satoguna of Rama, and therefore Rama was more powerful.
The word ‘untruth’-asatya appears larger in size than the word ‘truth’-satya, but this is in shape only. Truth is, by far, the greater in strength and unity.
It is strange, indeed, that we live in the house of a host, we use the things he gives us, and we have no relationship with him whatsoever, far less do we thank him.
My mind is heavy today, not because I dislike those who deny the existence of God, but because I am deeply concerned for them. If a friend or relative is ill, and we can do nothing to cure him, how agonizingly helpless do we feel.
At least those who believe in God find some hope in the afflictions of life and death, the sufferings of the world. For those who do not believe, there is not even this hope.
You have just heard these devotees sing their bhajans. Their songs came from the heart. Whatever I say comes from my heart, it is a part of me, it becomes mine. I never quote from any other source. Those who sing only for the sake of singing or for the sake of money, end their songs without any feeling; but those who sing from their hearts never end their songs.
“Mere Bhola Nathaa ko milne chalaa”–these devotees have just sung. Why? What is it that brings them here? Why have they left everything to be with me this evening? Surely there is something in their songs, their experiences in life–some strength that has taken them through the storms of numerous sufferings, that gives a proof of a higher power that grips their hearts and souls.
God is everywhere. He is the foundation of everything, and everyone. Light is a proof of itself. Its proof lies in the experience of such devotees. Here is reality manifesting itself. What more do we want?
I do not exist in time. Where God exists, time does not exist. But time is passing by rapidly for the people of the world. From the morning, right till the night, people are seen rushing to their shops, offices, businesses in pursuit of money and material objects, hoping to catch a bit of happiness in a life that is rapidly passing them by. After a strenuous ten-hour day, you came here to get something. There is no harm in coming. Even I have come here to you. One must put in an application.
Your knowledge, your thoughts, and your inspirations–do they come from you? Einstein’s theory–did it come from him? All new discoveries come from somewhere. They do not originate from nothingness. If the new discovery was your own knowledge, you ought to have known about it all the time. But it was not within you some time ago. It came from elsewhere. What is that source of inspiration? The Source is God.
What is Death? For those who do not believe in God, those who wish to survive on the basis of their ego alone, Death is a forced surrender. All the greatness of man, his knowledge, his thoughts, his learning come to naught, in face of a small scheme of Nature–Death. For Ravana, Death was a forced surrender. But for the devotee of God, Death is a willing surrender.
My heart is heavy today. I see people living in a sleep, experiencing the dreadful nightmares of existence. They are harming themselves by living in ignorance.
An atheist is like a new-born child. The child cannot recog­nize his mother. For him all women are alike. But the mother can never forget her child; she must care for him, worry over him and protect him.
There is Someone who is related to you. Perhaps, you do not know of Him, but He is ever concerned about you. The time of awakening must come one day, when you will come to know of Him.
I love everyone, even those who do not believe. I was in a garden with five people. Each one asked me to walk on a different path, and I agreed. “Do you have no will of your own?” someone asked me, and I replied: “Five of the wills here belong to me–so why do I need a separate will of my own? If another will comes along, it shall become mine as well!”
I am willing to follow your paths, to walk with you. But I am sorry that there are some who will not even allow the concept of belief to enter within them. It fills me with great sorrow.
Think of two people who have covered themselves with blankets. One of them is awake, the other is asleep. The one who is awake, knows of the night outside, and waits for the coming of dawn. He knows of the state of his existence. The one who is asleep, knows nothing of the darkness in which he exists; he has no hope for the coming of a dawn. He is lost in ignorance for the duration of his sleep.
There is nothing to be gained by seeking greatness. To desire a name, or fame or followers, is a weakness. I am everything for those who believe in me, and nothing for those, who don’t. The bhajans you have just heard are a reality for the singers. For others, they may mean nothing.
I am happy that, today, spaceships are exploring the Universe–the moon, the planets, the stars. But when will this search end? With what speed can it be done? What is the foundation of our life?

Nakaab chehre se khursheed jab utthaave hai
To saihar har ek ko har kaam men lagaave hai

When the sun doth lift up its veil,
The morning doth take everyone to his work

The sun takes on the blanket of the night and goes to sleep. The morning comes, and with it, heat and life and activity. But what is the result?
Today, I was being taken to a garden in a car. A devotee was with me in the car. His house was along the way. However, he desisted from stopping the car, even though it had been his fervent desire that I bless his family in his house. Along the roadside, his family was standing, garlands in hand. I had the car stopped. The devotee’s wish was fulfilled.
It is the voice of a devotee “O Lord! Ever since Thou hast given me thy Love, I stand and stare at all the roads waiting for Thee to come!”
Today I am broadcasting to the whole world, even to those nations who do not believe. I do not wish to become great by making God known. Those who do not wish to believe are free to not to believe, but let them not stop others from believ­ing.
Einstein was forced to believe in a Universal Intelligence–an overwhelmingly awesome, powerful Consciousness that controlled the regularity of the Universe.
Look again upon the table. Would anyone believe that the wood cut itself and shaped the top and the legs, and that the nails hammered themselves into the wood to construct the table? No scientist would accept such an impossible theory. Did the table create itself? No.
Then how could such a complex, regular Universe create itself? No real scientist would be willing to believe that.
There is very little that we understand of the mystery of creation around us. We cannot fully understand the structure of our own bodies–the ear, the eyes, the nose etc., etc. How then can we understand God or claim to understand the Uni­verse sufficiently to say that it created itself?
Criticism to reject is not a good thing.
What is the meaning of Vedanta? Ved-ant, meaning, the end of knowledge. That which is eternal can have no founder. It must be from God direct, who is eternal.
A man is thirsty. It is a bitterly cold night. He must get out into the cold if he is to secure water. He must either brave the cold or else remain thirsty.
A man must either accept God or else accept the sufferings the world has to offer. It is not as if by not accepting God man can lead a life of peace and happiness.
There is this beautiful Universe before us, which contains an answer to all our needs. As a guest, I have all my needs attended to, by my host–right from the early morning when the day starts.
I am compelled to speak. Flowers must appear when it is Spring, at the time of Basant.
If there were no host, the guest would not receive any amenities or attention. Man is born into this world–and he finds in it the answers to all his needs, he finds an object for every desire. For the eyes there is light; for the ears there is sound; for the tongue there is taste; for the mind there are thoughts. When you wake up early in the morn­ing–who creates the sun for your eyes? When you are thirsty–who creates the water to satiate your thirst?
The earth continues to exist amidst floods, volcanoes and earthquakes and conflicts.
Prahlad was asked to embrace a pillar of fire to prove the existence of God. Today, there is a fire of hatred, war, revenge, raging in this world. And yet, like the little ant–that symbol of faith–that trod upon the pillar of fire unscathed, there must be hope for mankind in this ocean of fire. Fear, worry, disappointments, conflicts–there is no peace in this world. Only the Grace of God–Prabhu Kripa can save man.
Don’t be afraid. He is at the back of the world.
Einstein was a great scientist. What came to him was like a spiritual revelation. He was never too bright in his early days. But he was egoless, like an empty vessel, and God filled him with inspiration, which took the form of scientific discoveries. All the founders of religions have been empty of ego. One must come before God like an empty cup, and He shall fill it. This is a great miracle.
Look at this beautiful arrangement around us. What would man have done if there were eyes but no light? All the arrangements around us are perfect.
Look at a child. When it comes into the world, it finds sustenance in the mother’s milk. And as it grows up and acquires teeth to chew solid food, the milk in the mother’s breasts dries up. Has all this been a creation of chance? Does one not see a powerful intelligence working behind the scene? From where did such a perfect regularity come? Surely all this is not like the random scattering of ink? The absolute regularity and punctuality are like beautiful words formed in ink.
There is a desire within man for everlasting happiness, for unending knowledge, and an immortal life. Science is seeking these very things. Religion is pointing towards them. Surely there must be an answer to this desire–this natural desire in man.
Listen to these bhajans. I call upon atheists to look at the lives of these people. Their state of happiness is a real proof of their having attained something. Arjuna believed in Lord Krishna. Duryodhana did not. It is no fault of Arjuna if Duryodhana refused to believe.
The new experiences, new inspirations that dawn upon man­kind, point towards God. He makes the impossible become possible.
A wave is associated with the ocean. It appears to be small and limited, but, is, in fact, a part of the unlimited ocean. Ask those who have leapt into the waters to define its depths. What do they, who have never entered the waters, know of the ocean?
A moth loves the flame spontaneously, naturally. A fly is attracted towards the flame as well but runs away when it approaches the heat. A moth finds peace in the fire. When there is no light, the fly and the moth grope alike in the darkness. The fly runs away from the fire for fear of per­ishing. But it cannot escape death–and must, then, die in darkness. The option is open for it–either to die in the darkness, or in the light.
The death in the flame is an Eternal Life–Amar Jyoti. The life of the moth is converted to light. Those, who die in darkness, die in despair. Death comes to them before its appointed hour. But for those, who die in light, there is greater hope ahead. They have found a companion.

Muhabbat ke liye kuchh khaas dil maqsood hote hain
Ye vo naghmaa hai jo har saaz par gaayaa naheen jaataa.

There are hearts which are made especially for Love
This is a song that may not be played on every instrument

The rain is falling. There are two glasses. One is upright and the other is upside down. The rain will fill only the one which is upright. The other must remain empty.
Time slips by. The human brain is not sufficient to understand God. It does not even understand itself, it does not even know completely of its own mystery.
Man says, “I exist”– but where is the “I”? Is it the chest that he points to? Where is the “I” that says it exists?
There is gain and only gain on the path of God.
In my book “Daivi Kirne”– which has been translated into English by my son, Priya Nath, the New Year begins with the thought:
Today is the beginning of a New Year. We have before us the hope of the coming year and the memories of the years that are gone.
Time is slipping by–it shall never become stationary. What must we do? All the good tasks that we can accomplish must be done as soon as possible.
A diamond exhibited on a ring becomes more beautiful. Otherwise it will remain but hidden inside one’s pocket.

Ekam sad vipra bahuda vadanti

He who exists is One, sages call Him variously.

Look upon the flowers in the garden, look upon these structures of man but try to see the face of the Creator everywhere, and with great humility.

Blow, blow, thou winter wind
Thou art not so unkind
As man’s ingratitude.

Man has derived everything from God–and yet he continues to oppose Him, his benefactor. But the time shall come, when man will be forced to believe in God.
Those who do not believe in God can find happiness in joyous times, but what will they do when sorrow comes upon them? Does man create the necessities of life around him, himself, or were they there to begin with? Did he create the world after coming into it, or was it created before he came?
My love goes out towards all of you. The words that are flowing out of me today are beautiful–I am listening to them just like you are.
A man says, He is, and another says, He is not. One is positive, and the other is negative. But both speak of Him. Even in the negation there is a remembrance of Him. And the positive has greater weight. The negative is something that does not exist.
Knowledge is that which must come from within. Book knowledge remains limited. Nagpur has been very dear to me. There is something in the hearts of the people here that attracts me. You have a desire to listen to my words, and I have a desire to speak to you.
One must know of God and develop a thirst for him–like the thirst of a drowning man for air. The pride of worldly status must not come in the way.

Itnaa naa apne jaame se baahar nikal ke chal
Duniyaan hai chal chalaao kaa rastaa samhal ke chal

Step thou not out of thy bounds of limitation,
This world is a passing phase
Walk thou with care!

First lower yourselves from the pedestal of false pride, and then reach the heights of greatness. A small explanation can be more easily understood than a complex one. The small pupil of the eye contains the entire visible world inside it.
Everything in the world is praising the Glory of God.
A poet passed by underneath a beautiful tree laden with fruit. It was spring. The poet was unhappy. The only fruits of life he had gathered were the sour fruits of anger, fear, hatred and sorrow.
He stopped and asked the tree: O Tree! Thou art so beautifully decorated with fruits. How did you acquire them? And from where? The tree of my life has brought forth only the thorns of strife.
The tree replied: You ask for my secret? O Poet! My roots are deep down inside the earth, while I exist up here in the sky. I am at this height, but I am also sunk in humble depths. My seed had perished into the ground, and annihilated itself before it gave shape to this form.
“To humble oneself, to annihilate one’s ego, is to become great.
“O Poet! Thou hast perhaps never looked beneath thyself, in the depths of thy heart!
I can go on talking to you like this–for months, for years on end. All of knowledge stands before me at my beck and call, its hands folded in obeisance.

Baandhe hue haathhon ko ba ummeede ijaazat
Hain raihte kharre sainkaron mazmoon mere aage

Their hands folded, awaiting my orders,
Stand all the subjects of the world before me!

There is a room. The door is closed. You stand outside and ask for various fruits.
These are sent out of the room at your bidding, one by one. This is proof enough of the fact that someone exists inside the room.
Similarly, when you begin to get an answer to your prayers, you become convinced of the existence of God.
In America I met a young couple–a certain Mr. and Mrs. Zeltzer. They were seeking souls. A spiritual relationship was established. Dr. Zeltzer had a spiritual experience when he went on a sea voyage. During a powerful storm, he felt himself surrounded by a protecting force that took away his fear. There was Dr. Winick, a scientist in America–who didn’t believe in God, but who met me with great respect because I was the father of his fellow scientist and friend, Priya Nath. Not believing in God does not mean total loss of civil­ity towards those who carry His message.

Khudaa ke bande to hain hazaaron
Banon men phirte hain maare maare
Main unkaa bandaa banoongaa
Jinko khudaa ke bandon se pyaar hogaa

There are many who roam the forests
And are called Men of God!
But I shall love only those
Who love their fellow men

These scientists were good souls, honest, seeking hearts. They did not think of me as a saint, but as the father of their friend. But their behaviour elevated them to spiritual regions.
A scientist, here in Nagpur, met my son, Priya Nath, only this morning and said: Supposing we are honest and truthful in all other respects–what need have we to know of God?
And Priya Nath said: Supposing you are well-content in your job. And someone offers you a promotion. Will you take it or not? There is only gain in accepting God. One has nothing to lose. Why would one deny oneself benefits which can be had for the asking, with nothing lost, nothing given?
Those who say that they do not believe in God because they cannot see Him are telling the truth. Others do not see Him, but confirm His existence. They are right as well. It is their experience.

Kissee ne poochhaa kissee se jaakar
Hasoole vaihdat men lutf hai kuchh?
Lage vo kaihne, talaashe katraa
Men baihar milna malaal hai kyaa?

Someone went and asked someone else,
Is there any joy in God realisation?
And the reply was: If thou findest the ocean
In search of a drop–would that be a loss?

This world of materialism is of little significance. These stars are not permanent, they shall fade away.
A millionaire came to me and I said to him Sethji! This life is like a matchstick, which must flicker and go out any second. Before it goes out, you must transfer it to a candle where its light shall last the whole night long!
The I of man is changing rapidly. The flowing waters are an example of this rapid change. The flame of light you see now is not the same flame which existed a moment before. It is changing. Everything is changing. But we are deluded by our senses. Living in this rapid stream of change, we fail to perceive its swiftness at each and every phase of our lives.
You are listening to me, and, I, too, am listening.
God is not far way. He can appear in a fraction of a second.
There is a great burden upon me–the burden of the suffering of this world.