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A man, Solao by name, who had earlier been with other renowned saints and sages, was astonished at what he saw. Here were the devotees lost in an ecstasy of love and devotion for Shri Nathji and there was Shri Nathji lost in an ecstasy of love for his devotees.
I have seen devotees becoming overjoyed in the presence of their master–but I have never seen a master become so full of joy at the sight of his devotees like Shri Nathji! he said.
He became another moth that flew around this flame of Love Divine. Shri Nathji had entered his heart.
He would say about the divine flow of Shri Nathji’s words: “Ye to dev vaani hai! This is a godly voice!”
Never before in his life had he heard such words nor such a voice filled with Love Divine.