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A certain scientist in Nagpur was interested in meeting Priya Nath by virtue of the latter’s associa­tion with Harvard, but he stated very bluntly: I will not see Shri Nathji when I come to meet Priya Nath! I have no interest in spiritual matters!”
Priya Nath–who was a scientist himself–saw the narrow mindedness of such an unscientific attitude and he declined to meet the scientist who had declined to meet Shri Nathji.
Earlier he had told a visiting physicist:
Scientists like Einstein believed in the presence of a Higher Being whose intelligence was being manifested in the Universe. If you, as a scientist, don’t believe in God, then you must prove your superiority over Einstein as a scientist, who believed in God. If science takes you away from God, then surely such knowledge as you claim to possess must be imperfect. A perfect scientist–like Einstein–did not disbelieve in God on the basis of Science.
And Priya Nath said:
The Ultimate Discovery of Science will be God!
On that particular night, Shri Nathji spoke with a heavy heart. One soul had deprived itself of the opportunity of Union with God, on the basis of a Science that God had created.
Shri Nathji’s sermon lasted for over three hours and filled the atmosphere with divine waves of intelligence and knowledge. People–men, women and children, the highly educat­ed and the illiterate–sat and listened in spellbound silence.
God was pouring forth his Sat-Chit-Anand, His Truth, His Bliss and His Consciousness.
Some portions of the recorded sermon in Hindi are translated into English below. The recording on tape was done on April 9, 1973 by Priya Nath, who had to contend with a small, faulty cassette recorder to preserve Shri Nathji’s voice.