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In Delhi, it was the same wave of Divine joy that impelled the devotees to stand up and dance. And there was the haunting melody of Mat poochiye vakte tanhaayi”, played on the piano by Priya Nath, which sent people into raptures.
One of the first things that Priya Nath did at Delhi was to buy a small portable Philips tape recorder from a shop, Idandas Co, at Scindia House Connaught Place. Since the tape recorder developed a fault, Priya Nath immediately purchased a spare one to keep with himself. Those were the days when Shri Nathji’s divine revelations were at their peak and Priya Nath had to preserve the sacred words at all costs. He took these two tape recorders with him wherever he went with Shri Nathji and they preserved many a beautiful moment.
Recording Shri Nathji’s words was like recording the Geeta being voiced by Lord Krishna. The world was not fortunate enough during the times of the avatars of old to have these scientific inventions, which came to be available in the 20th century; which was what made the avatar of Shri Nathji even more meaningful. 
No more would people have to guess what the Avatar looked like or how he spoke and what were the exact words he said. The world would be ever thankful to the inventions of science for affording them these real life glimpses of God upon earth.
Shri Nathji had said:
“Science is decorating the world of God.”