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Nagpur Station arrived. There were sounds of music. People danced with joy. A flood of overpowering attraction drove people towards Shri Nathji in a spiritual frenzy. A man, Goyal by name, set eyes on Shri Nathji for the first time and fell unconscious with the divine vision granted him. Dr. Ram Das Garg danced along the railway platform. The sounds of Bhola Nathji Bhagwan Ki Jai! Priya Nathji Bhagwan Ki Jai! Priyavari Devi Ki Jai!  resounded in the air.
Smt. Gangabai Bhutt received them at Bhide’s Bungalow which was the place reserved by Shri Nathji before he left Nagpur in 1973. Mrs. Bhutt had wound up her home at Jabalpur and decided to shift permanently to Nagpur where she could be close to Shri Nathji.
You were all stronger than me, said Shri Nathji to the devotees gathered there, you pulled me to yourselves. I was helpless. I had to come! When God discovered that it would be ages before all beings could reach Him, He decided to cut matters short by coming down to earth Himself!  It was not only the drop of water that was restless for the ocean, the ocean was restless to retrieve the drop it had lost. Today is a day of Union!”