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The dovotees of Maharashtra were unique, not only in their faith, but also in their experiences. There was Shri Madhukar Tanksale, a Postmaster at Nagpur, the man who saw the Viswarupa form of Shri Nathji–not once, but daily for months.
Every morning he would see Shri Nathji standing upon the earth, his hands touching the outer limits of the heavens. It was a divine revelation that few mortals on earth were to have.
And yet, this sincere devotee rarely narrated this revelation to others. His faith and his experience were sufficient for him. He desired nothing from the world.
His soul was flooded with an indefinable contentment, and a faith that nothing in life could shake. This faith shall live with us till the last breath of our lives, he once said to Shri Nathji.
Shri Nathji had often said: “Faith is that which grips you and becomes a part of you. It is not something that you can acquire and give up at will.”