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Shri Nathji’s sermon at Suyog Mangal Karyalaya attracted a huge crowd on the birthday of Shri Babaji Bhagwan on January 21, 1978. There was Shri Nathji’s voice saying with urgency:
Do not be so hasty that you accept the wrong thing, Shri Nathji said, and at the same time do not delay to such an extent that the real thing eludes you!

“Itnee jaldi naa karo ke ghalat cheez ko pakarr lo, aur itnee der bhee naa karo ke achhee cheez haathh se nikal jaaye!”

About Priyavari and Priya Nath, Shri Nathji would say repeatedly:
She will go where her husband goes, and her husband will go where his father goes, who in turn will go where the devotees want him to go–and together we shall all go towards God!
The son of the proprietor of the Karyalaya, Raja Deo Sarkar, a young man who had been an agnostic since long, was instantly converted. My life has found fulfilment, he said. Thereafter he enlarged the large Viraat Roop portrait of Shri Nathji and hung it in his hall, for all to see in the months and years to come. His hall became a favourite place for marriages like never before.
There were the devotees from Delhi–Mr. and Mrs. Bahl, who had accompanied Shri Nathji to Maharashtra, and the devotees from Nangal, Shri Gopal Swami and his family along with Shri Chaman Lal Khosla, and there was the aging Veeran Devi who came for a while, and the loyal and ineffectual Sahadeva–and of course Chati, accompanying Shri Nathji on this ‘Mahaa Yagna’ that took the people of Nagpur by storm.
Gopal Swami and his wife, Raj Swami, were new converts. They had met Shri Nathji for the first time in Mussoorie on Janmashtami in 1976, and had therafter been converted to him forever. Gopal Swami, who was a worshipper of Lord Krishna had listened to the words of Shri Nathji for the first time in Mussoorie and had said: “Main to aaj saakshaat Bhagwan Krishna ki aavaaz sun rahaa hoon!”
His devotional fervour had reached such a peak that he would say to Shri Nathji: “I can sacrifice everything for your sake. I can even offer the lives of my children if it be necessary.”
Shri Nathji never asked any devotee to make any kind of sacrifices for his sake. Indeed it was he who was sacrificing his life for the sake of the world.