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On March 5, 1978, another inauguration took place at Wardhman Nagar, Nagpur. Dr. R. D. Garg had declared the opening of a Nath Mandir. He had even purchased a plot of land for it.
He had a marble foundation stone made at the behest of Priya Nath. The foundation stone appeared real, charged, fully alive. Looking upon it one felt one was looking upon a very real living thing.
Priya Nath all at once felt that he was looking upon the stone a thousand years afterwards.  It had been his dream to construct a Universal Nath Temple–one which would be adorned by Shri Nathji’s Urdu verses on the walls, and have some of the most beautiful of his portraits within. Perhaps, some day this dream was to come true.
Dr. Garg had a house to sell. If he could sell that, he would be able to purchase the plot fully and build the temple. But, perhaps his motives were not entirely spiritual–he had wished to build a polyclinic along with the Temple, so that it would be a good financial proposition as well. And, therefore, the proposition never came about. Dr. Garg purchased the plot, but the temple was never built.
Priya Nathji remained vexed at the doctor for having invited Shri Nathji to dig the ground as part of the inauguration ceremony especially when no temple was going to be built there. The lapse was a weakness of faith.
Nevertheless the foundation stone would remain very much pulsating and alive in marble, emitting divine vibrations and rays in all directions.
The words inscribed on the stone would remain in history for all time to come–even if such a temple were never to be made. Indeed, the temple of the Almighty could only be the Universe, and nothing less.

This Foundation stone was laid by
His  Holiness Shri Nathji Bhagwan
On Sunday March 5, 1978
This Temple symbolises the advent of the Avatar
on this Earth, in the Twentieth Century
In the Divine Personality of
Nishkalank Premavatar
Shri Bhola Nathji Bhagwan
Who came to this earth in His Earthly Frame
on 23rd June1902 A. D.
May people of all
Religious Faiths find solace within its doors