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There was the tale of two temples–both of which were never constructed. Shri Nathji’s devotees in Maharashtra were poor, but their hearts were large. There was the sub- postmaster, Shri Y. M. Deo, who wished to donate his land in far-away Khapri Khera for the construction of a Mahamateshwari Temple.
He donated the piece of land, only to discover that the government had run a water canal over it and that he would be paid a minimum compensation after several years. This broke the poor man’s heart, and he wept and prayed. Here was a genuinely sincere person. His daughter’s marriage had not taken place for years. But the moment he delivered up his land at Shri Nathji’s feet, his daughter was blessed with a husband. Deo would never tire of narrating this event.
Mahamateshwari would frequently appear to him and his wife in their prayers. Another miracle took place. The owner of a large area of land in Khapri Khera, a certain Shri Ranchod Dasji, heard Deo’s tale, and immediately offered a 60ft. by 60 ft. plot of his land as a donation for the temple! It was something that went beyond Deo’s expectations!
His wife said: I have one desire in life now, to be given the strength to build Mahamateshwari’s temple at Khapri Khera!