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“Khushee kaa ye samai sab ko, mubaarik ho, mubaarik ho,
Jagat men Nath kaa aanaa, mubaarik ho, mubaarik ho,
Sunaa thhaa bahut muddat se va shaastron ki bhee sammati se
Kali men Kalki aaye hain mubaarik ho mubaarik ho

This is a time of great joy, good tidings be to all,
Nath has come into this world, good tidings be to all,
What had been written in the scriptures since ages has come true,
The Kalki Avatar has arrived in the age of darkness, good tidings be to all

Mitenge kasht ab sabke hatenge paap ghar ghar ke
Ye paapon kaa daman honaa, mubaarik ho mubaarik ho
Shri Kalki kaa kharag lambaa chalegaa zor se ghar ghar
Shri Kalki Nath kahen ghar ghar, mubaarik ho mubaarik ho

The sorrows of all shall vanish, the sins of every home shall go
May this burying of sinfulness bring good tidings to all
The long sword of Kalki shall reach across to every home,
And all shall say in every home ‘Kalki Nath’, good tidings be to all

Shri Nathji had often said: “There is a sword depicted in the hand of the Kalki Avatar in the scriptures. My sword is that of Love. It is a Sword that unites.”
Shri Nathji often said in Punjabi:

Aasaan dekhi kaati atgani jerri ik noo do kare
Baihlol kaati prem di jerri do noo ik kare

We have seen a sword that divides one into two,
But the sword of Love is that which unites two into one.

Shri Nathji’s life was above desire. He wanted nothing from anyone. He desired neither name nor fame, nor followers. He had come only to give freely–of himself.
Iqbal’s verse found fulfilment in the personality of Shri Nathji:

Kabhi ai haqueequate muntazar
Nazar aa libaase majaaz men
Ke hazaaron sajde tarrap rahe hain
Meri jabeene niyaaz men

O Thou Much Waited Reality!
Appear once before me in human form;
For thousands of prostrations await their fulfilment upon my forehead

For many, this verse had come true in the personality of Shri Nathji. It was an inner recognition that came from within the soul. That, which belonged to the soul, could only be recognised by the soul. It was difficult for people to understand the great faith that the devotees of Shri Nathji possessed in him. The recognition was spontaneous. The moth loves the flame, and the nightingale loves the rose. Similarly those souls who were prepared, recognized the Supreme Lover in Shri Nathji instantaneously. It was the ul­timate spiritual experience.
Not all who came to Shri Nathji could fully understand His real Divine Form. Different people saw different things in Him in accordance with their own spiritual attainments. Lord Krishna was looked upon differently by different people. To the Pandavas, he was a confidant, an adviser, a friend. To Duryodhana, he was an enemy. To Arjuna, he was a friend first and a Guru later–and God, only when He revealed His Divine form.
Shri Nathji would often explain his relationship with different people using the following example:
There is a rose in my hand. It contains a multiplicity of qualities. Those who see it from a distance, can see only the colour. For them, the rose is only colour.
“There are others who are closer, and who can see the colour as well as the shape. There are yet others who are even closer, and who can smell the fragrance as well, apart from divining the colour and shape. Then there are those who are so close that they can feel its softness as well.
“Finally there are those who can tell its taste as well, by coming close enough. All these qualities, attributes, exist in the rose, but they are revealed differently to different people. Similarly, the Avatar appears differently to different people.
“Very few can understand the totality of the qualities that define His Godhead. People with various degrees of spiritual attainment understand him differently. There are some who understand him completely; there are others who do not understand him at all. There are those in the intermediate stage who define him as a great intellectual, a great Mahatma, a Swami, a Guru etc., etc. Finally there are those to whom he chooses to reveal himself.
Once when Shri Nathji was confronted by western philosophers and he was asked to prove the existence of God, he replied:
The sun can only be seen with the light of the sun. You cannot light a candle to reveal the sun.
“No matter how sharp your eyes may become, they can see the sun only if the sun comes out!”