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“The imperfect cannot understand the Perfect. A boy in grade school cannot understand an M.A. in the subject. The imperfect will of man cannot understand the Perfect Will of God. Man has not to understand the Divine Will; he has only to accept it. This was Shri Nathji’s message, illustrated by the parable below:
“If a King looks at the sky in the day time and says, ‘What a beautiful night!’ his courtiers must not contradict him and say that it is day.
“They must ask themselves: ‘If we, with our little knowledge, can perceive that it is day, then surely our King, with his superior knowledge, must know it too. Then why is he calling it night?
“‘There can be only one answer: he wishes to test us, to see how far we can go along with his will. Yes, if the king says it is night, even though the sun be shining in the sky, – what is our duty? Our duty is to agree with him and to say:
“‘Yes, what a beautiful night! What a beautiful moon, and what beautiful stars in the sky! Wah! Kitni suhaani raat hai!  Kyaa chaand kyaa sitaare hain!’”