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Shri Nathji often narrated the episode of Queen Draupadi, who was being disrobed by her enemies. At first she sought to save herself by clutching on desperately to her saree, but ultimately, when her efforts failed, she prayed to Lord Krishna. And a miracle occurred. She became draped with a countless number of sarees.
Later, when she met Lord Krishna she said:
O Lord Krishna, you came, but after such a long time!
And Lord Krishna said:
Draupadi, every time I would extend my hand to hold your saree I would find your hand already there. And how could I place my hand where your hand was present? It was only when you let go of the saree that I came to your help.
Shri Nathji had written in his famous writing “A Message of Peace”:
If suffering has enclosed you and you cannot escape, then follow that tested prescription of forsaking all trust in yourself and your powers, and laying all your troubles before your Master, wait to see what He will bring. Either you will be released from that trouble or you will be given strength to bear it. Only let there be no pretense in your surrender.