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Shri Nathji was fond of Kabir’s verse which carried the theme of union with God in a novel way, as set out in Shri Nathji’s poem. The verse was:

Man aiso nirmal bhayo jaiso Gangaa neer
Paachhe paachhe Hari phirat hain kaihat, “Kabir! Kabir!”

When the heart becomes as pure as the waters of the Ganges,
The Lord comes running after, saying, “Kabir! Kabir!”

In the past the devotee had sought after God in a search that spanned the ages, passing through many phases of life and human existence. Ultimately when the heart of the devotee became absolutely pure and clean, the very God it had sought after was found running after him calling out to him: “Kabir! Kabir!”
In the same context, Shri Nathji was also fond of Christ’s quotation:

“Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”

Shri Nathji laid great stress on the purity of the heart as being the only means to reaching God. The apparent veil on the face of God was in fact the veil of the impurities within man. Shri Nathji had stated this in his book, “Zahoore Haqueeqat”:

Apnaa hee kuchh tassarrufe auham hai
Ke Haq ke chehre pe paate hain pardaa nakaab kaa

It is in fact the result of the illusions within us,
That we find a veil on the Face of Reality