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Shri Nathji also wrote about another Sufi, the saint Mansur, who had begun to see God within him, to the extent of saying: I am God!–Anal Haq!”
As was to have been expected, the orthodox Muslims of his time ordered his crucifixion. And Mansur was heard to say:

“Man nami goyam Anal Haq, yaar mi goyad bigo
Choon na goyam bar sare baazaar mi goyad bigo

I say not ‘I am God’, but ‘tis my Eternal Friend who makes me say so,
How canst I restrain myself, when, in every bazaar, ‘tis He who makes me say so!”

Shri Nathji wrote a verse eulogizing Mansur in which Shri Nathji said:

Zarre zarre kee zubaan par hai ‘Anal Haq’ kee sadaa
Hazrate Mansur par kab khatm ye aavaaz hai

Each and every particle cries out ‘I am God’
This voice ended not with the passing away of Mansur!

Here Shri Nathji was voicing the highest of spiritual truths. God is present everywhere. He is present even in the tiniest of atoms. Let the atom disappear and there shall be nothingness. But God exists even there. Thus God is present everywhere in everyone and everything at all times.
In a silent way, His voice is always ringing out from each and every particle of the Universe: I am God.
In Mansur, the voice found a vocal expression because it came from a living body. It was not the voice of Mansur but the voice of God, which said through Mansur: I am God.
The ego or self or the I of Mansur had been totally annihilated. His own will had ceased to exist. He had given up all desires of the world. God had entered within him, and it was God speaking through his body to say: I am God. Mansur had become like the actor on the stage who had no real “I” of his own but rather whose I was the I given to him by the Director and in whom the Will of the Director was working.