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Shri Nathji’s association with Mussoorie was to be a long and eventful one. There he was to give the water of life to thirsty souls who had been seeking him from ages.
The Himalayas of Mussoorie would draw Shri Nathji again and again. Shri Nathji was later to make Mussoorie his home in 1947 and be known as Bhole Mussoorie Vaale i.e. Bhole of Mussoorie.
To many, the abode of Shri Nathji in the Himalayas was to be like the abode of Lord Shankar in the mountains of Kailash, also said to be in the Himalayas.
Once, Shri Nathji said in Mussoorie on one of his birthdays:
Satan is not allowed to come here– Shaitaan ko yahaan aane ki ijaazat naheen hai!
And he further explained:
Just like the hot weather is not allowed to come up here in the mountains! It is as natural as that!
“Jis tarah garmi ko pahaarr par aane ki ijaazat naheen hai!”
Indeed the forces of evil could not enter within the place where the Lord God of Creation sat in the fulness of His Grandeur.