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The daughter of a Nawab from Baluchistan had been amidst the gathering that day. She returned home, the chords within her soul vibrating with a heavenly melody. She went to her parents and burst out crying:
Abbaa Jaan, Ammee Jaan! I had one of the strangest experiences of my life today.  I went to the darbaar of Shri Nathji.  The light of God appeared to come from him-Khudaa kaa noor!  He commanded the clouds – and not a single drop of rain fell. It was a miracle. Oh, you must meet him at all costs before we leave Mussoorie.
The girl wept continuously as she spoke to her parents, who were also greatly moved. It did not matter to them that the man of God was a Hindu.
Time came when Shri Nathji met them. Since the begum, the wife of the Nawab could not move out of the house, they prayed to Shri Nathji to come to their house and give them a glimpse of his divine personality–his deedaar.
Shri Nathji, who had totally no pride within him and was ever willing to go anywhere to convey his Divine Grace, arrived at the house of the Nawab of Baluchistan in Mussoorie.
The very sight of Shri Nathji filled the hearts of the Nawab and his begum with untold bliss. Shri Nathji spoke to them in chaste Urdu and Persian, while they listened to his words with great reverence, spell-bound.
Very soon they found themselves above space and time. By the time Shri Nathji finished speaking, the Nawab and his begum found themselves in the same spiritual state their daughter had been in. Tears filled their eyes as they bowed before Shri Nathji.
Hazrat, said the Nawab, it is our belief that where a man of God, like yourself, resides, the skies must bow down and kiss the earth. For, surely, such Light as you possess, is denied even the skies above.
“Jahaan aap jaisi hasti hoti hai vahaan aasmaan bhi jhuk kar zameen ko choomtaa hai! Aapke pass vo roshni hai jo aasmaan ke paas bhi naheen!”
“It is also our belief that if a Murshid- a Spiritual Master- like yourself, so wills he can change the destiny of man!
Our daughter wouldn’t stop crying. For a moment we thought she was going to change her religion and become a Hindu, said the girl’s mother, laughingly.
Shri Nathji said:
Religion is not something that can be changed. Religion is that which takes man away from the world and brings him towards God. As such there is only One Religion in the world.