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There was the time when Mrs. Bhutt came to Dehra Dun, and on seeing how Prem Nath and his in-laws were taking advantage of Shri Nathji, became greatly enraged. Her countenance took on the fiercesome aspect of the goddess Durga, and she castigated the group. Indeed so great was the fright that she put into these people that they ran behind locked doors and were quick to shut their windows each time Gangabai Bhutt peeped inside them.
Shri Nathji knew that those who were drunk by anger and youth today would ultimately have to yield to the law of nemesis. He would often quote Zafar, the poet-king, who had written in Urdu:

Ai Zafar usse aadmi na jaaniyegaa go ho kaisaa he saahibo faimo zakaa
Jisse aish men yaade Khuda na rahi jisse taish men khaufe Khuda na rahaa

O Zafar, call not such a one a man, no matter what his exalted status or fame
Who remembers not God in prosperity and fears not God when in fury

Shri Nathji would often say: “The brain of an opponent might go against me but his heart can never oppose me! I never wish ill upon anyone, but the Law of Karma must take its course. The Law of Karma is the Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Krishna – his weapon with which he punishes the wrong-doer.

“You must reap what you sow they say,
And every cause must bring its sure effect,
Good-good, and bad-bad,
And none escape the Law,

In March 1944, Shri Nathji was still at Dehra Dun, from where he wrote a beautiful letter in Urdu to his devotee at Lahore, Ram Gopal Mehra, in which he explained the meaning of the Will of God versus the will of man very lucidly.
Shri Nathji wrote:
“When man is guided by his own ego, his own ‘I’, all his actions are done with selfish intent and bring results that are harmful. But when he gives up his own ‘I’ and surrenders himself before God, the Will of God starts acting through him, and he finds happiness in everything that he does. His actions then follow the dictates of the ‘I’ of God. This is the secret of success. Man then sees the Will of God prevailing everywhere in the world. When a zero comes before One, it becomes Ten. All the qualities of Ten then become the qualities of the zero which has aligned itself with One.”