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Shri Nathji was leaving behind legacies for the whole world, when, in the centuries to come, people would look at these photographs and see for themselves the real face of the avatar and his consort upon earth.
Shri Nathji often used to say:
How important are these photographs which are being taken by the cameras of modern science. They are preserving my face and form for the world to view centuries hence.
“Today we do not have before us the actual photographs of the avatars, prophets and saviours who came into the world in the ages past, when science had not advanced sufficiently to invent the camera.
“The stone idols and paintings that are made of the past avatars are at best the artists’ conceptions of these personalities, and the images were made long after the avatars had come and gone from the world. 
“Who knows, if Lord Rama and Lord Krishna were to come down to earth and look upon the stone idols-moortis, that are made of them, they might even be angry and say – ‘Our faces were never like this! Hamaari shaklen aisee kahaan thheen!’”
Indeed a photograph taken by a camera was a very unique thing. It was not a mere image. It was a moment of time captured on film. It brought back that instant of time when God was sitting before the camera in human form.
To look at a portrait of Shri Nathji was to go back to that instant of time when the photograph was taken, and to secure his darshan as if one had been present at that time.
Indeed, how fortunate would the future generations be, when shown the photographs of a past in which Shri Nathji existed.