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Someone came to Shri Nathji and put the question to him: “Sir, are you an adwaitvaadi–one who sees only God everywhere, or a dwaitvaadi–one who sees God and the world as two separate existences?”

Shri Nathji replied: “When I go into my God consciousness, then I am an adwaitvaadi–I perceive God and nothing else. But when I am in my body consciousness, I am a dwaitvaadi–I perceive the world around me as well as God.”

Shri Nathji said: “Actually the question of dwaitvaad and adwaitvaad has been wrongly posed. If a person says: ‘I am a dwaitvaadi,’ this would mean that he sees two. However a person can only think of two if he has seen One. And if he has seen One how can he be a dwaitvaadi?  In a like manner if a person says he is an adwaitvaadi, it would mean that he sees One. However he can only conceive of One if he has seen two. And if he has seen two, then how can he be an adwaitvaadi!“When one goes before God, the question of adwaitvaad and dwaitvaad ceases altogether in the bliss of God Consciousness. These questions and their answers only exist for as long as there is wisdom and intelligence that backs them. However, the mind disappears completely when one is merged in God Consciousness so that these questions and their answers cease.”
Shri Nathji explained these concepts very beautifully and simply in the following words which were intellectually so perfect that no atheist could contradict them. Only Shri Nathji was capable of such logic.