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Shri Nathji’s birthday came on the 23rd of June at Mussoorie and was celebrated at Shadi Bhavan where Shri Nathji was residing at the time. The function consisted of devotional songs, bhajans, and a powerful sermon.
On that day Shri Nathji announced as always: Let all here ask for whatever they wish, and it shall be given to them.
On the birthdays of Kings, it was a practice in the past to release the prisoners in a gesture of amnesty. On Shri Nathji’s birthday, the prisoners held in the bondage of the flesh were set free. It was a day when salvation could be had for the asking. It was also a day on which rain fell in many parts of India.
Indeed, those who knew Shri Nathji, waited anxiously for the 23rd of June to arrive, so that the scorching heat of the plains would be quelled. It was a day when the Heavens poured out a refreshing coolness. It was also a day when God poured out His Grace.