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Shri Nathji’s children were studying at Hampton Court convent school. When news came that a branch of their Catholic school at Simla had caught fire causing great loss, Shri Nathji immediately sent Rs.10 as his contribution to the Simla Fire Relief Fund, so that a new convent school could be built there. The Mother Superior of Hampton Court School, Mother St. Clare, never forgot Shri Nathji’s gesture. In a note of gratitude to Shri Nathji dated 22.5.46 she wrote:

“Thank you for your contribution for the Simla Fire Relief Fund. God will reward your charity in helping to rebuild the school for His little children.
Good wishes,
Mother St. Clare.”

Shri Nathji had such a loving nature that he could not bear to see the sorrows and sufferings of others. Not only would he provide them with spiritual solace but he would do everything that he could to help them materially as well.
The poor of the city knew of the generosity of Shri Nathji. The poor rickshaw coolies were always paid more than they asked for, as were all servants, labourers and repairmen that worked at his home.