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For Shri Nathji’s devotees these complex problems of spirituality did not exist. The moment they came before him all their questions were answered unasked. They became so merged in the Face of Shri Nathji that they forgot everything else. If the God above was anything like Shri Nathji, then everyone could hope to love God.

Ai Lakaayato javaabe har savaal
Mushkil az to har shavad be keelo kaal

O Thou art a dictionary with an answer to every question
That removes all difficulties without our asking

Shri Nathji said:

“Niraakaar vaadiyon ke vaaste main niraakaar hoon
Saakaar vaadiyon ke vaaste main Saakaar hoon
Aur apne aap men main naa Niraaakaar hoon
Aur naa Saakaar hoon
Kabhee main pragat hota hoon aur kabhee main chhup jaataa hoon
Aur apne aap men main naa pragat hoon, naa chhupaa hoon

For those who believe in an Invisible God, I remain Invisible
For those who believe in a Visible God, I become Visible
But, in myself, I am neither Invisible
Nor Visible
Sometimes I reveal myself
Sometimes I conceal myself
But, in myself, I am neither revealed nor concealed”
Shri Nathji often said:
“If you are in need, come to me,
If you are in fear, come to me,
“If you are neither in need nor in fear,
Then come to me for my Love.”

He would also say:
“People come to me asking me to make the journey of life comfortable. But, strangely, no one asks me to make their home comfortable as well!”
There was the verse he used many times:

Aah ai naadaan kafas ko aashiyaan samjhaa hai too
Iss saraabe rangoboo ko gulsitaan samjhaa hai too

O thou in ignorance, thou art thinking of this cage as thy home,
Thou art thinking of this mirage of fragrance and colour as a garden!