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Shri Nathji’s life was different from that of other people. He was God Incarnate and everything that was happening around Him was part of His Play, in which He had become one of the actors. Shri Nathji would be seen actively involved in all the affairs of the world – love, conflict, struggles, illnesses, opposition, the responsibilities of a husband and father, the saviour of those who depended upon him. And yet he was like an actor who played his part well, but knew he was only acting. The sorrows and joys that came his way did not affect his Real Self; they merely affected his stage personality. He was following the Eternal Script written by him for the salvation of mankind.
Mateshwari once said:
“I live with Shri Nathji twenty four hours of the day. No one knows him better than me as his wife. He is always in his Godhood no matter what he is doing. He is God all the time. No one could act God all the time. No acting could be that perfect.”
In another sense, Shri Nathji was the best actor in the whole world. He was the All-Powerful God and yet had to play the part of a physically weak and fragile human being, subject to all the frailties of the human flesh. While being above the human plane, he had
to play the role of a human; while being an emperor, he had to play the role of the servant of the earth.

Bhes badle maifile agyaar men baithhe hain ham
Vo samajhte hain koyi opraa saa aur hai

Disguised, I sit in the midst of a gathering of strangers,
They think of me as as having come from somewhere else

While Shri Nathji was present at any one place at any one time upon earth, he was present everywhere in the Universe in his Invisible self, which was Infinite and All Pervading. Shri Nathji often explained this phenomenun in the following words: