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There was a time when Shri Nathji was apparently angry with a close devotee. Shri Nathji was reprimanding him for harboring a particular thought in his mind.
When the devotee said to Shri Nathji: “But, Huzoor, there was no such thought in my mind!

“Mere dil men to aisaa koyi khyaal naheen thhaa!”

Shri Nathji said: “Who knows, perhaps the thought was about to come! My warning has stopped it from coming!

“Kyaa pataa vohi khyaal aane vaalaa ho, aur maine usse aane se rok diyaa ho!”

Shri Nathji would often say: “Do you know what thought is going to come next into your mind? No. But I know of it. I know of even those thoughts which have not yet arisen in your mind, but which are about to come!
“If I say something to you, which appears to be going against your intelligence, then remember it is only for your own betterment. Remember there is no mistake in the Poorna – the Perfect Will.
“Man is a living image of sin.

“Insaan galti kaa swaroop hai! Usskaa shareer men aanaa hee batlaa rahaa hai ke koyi galtee huyi thhee!

“If man had not sinned he would not have come down upon earth as a human being; he would have remained in heaven in eternal salvation.
“The Hindu law of Karma tells us that man is born again and again upon earth so that his sins can be purged away and he can become perfect. And when he becomes perfect and is freed of all sins, he attains salvation and unites with God. Thereafter he does not come down upon earth again.
“This clearly shows that your very existence upon earth as a human being tells you that you have not attained salvation and have yet to free yourself from sin! Had you freed yourself from all sins you would not have been born upon this earth but would have attained salvation.”