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“Think of the atmosphere filling the entire earth. Now place an empty glass in the air and the air will enter it. Thereafter, the air which is in the atmosphere, is also in the glass. Its qualities are the same everywhere. Thus the air exists in two forms – the first in its all-pervading form as the atmosphere and the second as the air in the glass. The two are connected and are one and the same. If the glass were to break, the air in it would then again become the atmosphere. 
“In a like manner, the Invisible God is all- pervading and exists everywhere and in everyone at all times. When He chooses a special body through which he can manifest Himself, that body is then known as the Avatar or the incarnation of God upon earth.
“Yet all the time the God within that body is the same as the all-pervading Invisible God. The limited human form of the Avatar exists in a limited region of the earth for a limited number of people with whom the Avatar interacts, while at the same time, the invisible form of God exists for the whole world.
“The human body of the Avatar, by virtue of its limitations, can only interact with a limited number of people. However the episodes and events that build up in this small sphere of interaction then remain in the form of teachings and parables for the whole world.
“Christ appeared in a small region and met a limited number of people during his lifetime, but these interactions form the basis of teachings and parables that go out to the whole world.
“In a like manner Lord Rama and Lord Krishna appeared in small regions and interacted with only a limited number of people but their stories remain for all the world to follow.
“When the limited human body of the Avatar has completed its work upon earth, it disappears, and God returns to his own sphere as the Invisible God.
“You might think of the Invisible God like you think of the invisible electric current which exists in the power-house. The electric current cannot be seen directly either in the power-house or the electric wires. It can be seen only in a bulb which is connected to the power-house through the wires. But the switch must be on.
“In a like manner the Invisible God cannot be seen directly but when he makes his appearance through a human body you can see Him.”
Shri Nathji gave powerful scientific examples that served to convince the intellect.