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In yet another writing, Shri Nathji placed another vital spiritual truth before the people of the world.
There was a blank sheet of paper. Someone wrote something on it with black ink. The paper at once blamed the ink for smearing black colour on it.
The ink said: Don’t blame me–blame the pen!
And the pen said: Don’t blame me, I cannot move by myself, blame the one who is holding the pen!
And when the blame went on the hand that had moved the pen the hand said: Do not blame me–I was following the dictates of the mind!
And when the mind was blamed, it said: “Do not blame me, I was following the dictates of the consciousness within me!
And when the consciousness was approached, it said: Do not blame me, I am moved only by God! 
Thus, in the end, the One who was to be really blamed was God–the prime mover of everything and everyone! 
Shri Nathji wrote:
Lord Krishna would steal the butter himself and then smear the mouths of the calves with the butter so that they would be blamed for the act!
Yes, for one who sees the Will of God working everywhere and in everything, the entire world becomes just like a drama or a play written by Him. 
Such a man then says: 

Jidhar dekhtaa hoon jahaan dekhtaa hoon,
Main teri hee hasti ayaan dekhtaa hoon

No matter where I look, no matter what I see,
It is Thy existence and only Thee!  

There had been some saints and sages in the past who had seen God everywhere, even in the most adverse of circumstances and in persecutions and torments that resulted in death.