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Shri Nathji explained the concept of the will of man and the Will of God in another beautiful example: 
“Think of a kite flying in the sky. If the string is slack, the kite will be driven hither and thither by the wind. For a while, the kite might even think that it is master of its own will and can move anywhere that it likes.
“But the moment the string in the hand of the holder becomes taut, the kite realises that it must be guided by his hand and not by its own free will.
“In a like manner, God has given a certain latitude to man to perform his own actions. This is like the kite with a free will when the string is slack. However when man begins to assume that he is master of his own will and indeed master over the destinies of others, then the Divine Will comes into play and brings man to humble submission.
“Man is then bewildered and says:  ‘When all my works were going in accordance with my wishes, I had thought I was master of my own will, but now that everything that I do is being over-ruled I must stop and ask – who is He who is opposing all my plans and actions? When God allowed all my actions to succeed, I ignored Him, but now that He is destroying all my hopes and aspirations I have begun to believe in His Existence!  Yekaun hai jo mere saare iraadon ko torr rahaa hai?”
There was Shri Nathji’s verse on the theme:

Kaam mere, mere banaaye ban naa saken Khudaa kare
Taake shak naa aa jaaye mujhe kudrate kaar saaz men

Let my works not succeed with my own efforts, O God, let it be so,
So that I may never doubt the existence of Him who controls all of Nature

Though Shri Nathji tried hard to change the hearts of his relatives at Dehra Dun, it was part of his play upon earth that they remain unchanged. Mateshwari could not reconcile herself to the situation at Dehra Dun. She was afraid for the sake of Shri Nathji. His health was in a precarious state and the doctors had given a bad prognosis. Mateshwari was worried lest the strain there cause his health to deteriorate further. Also, the doctors had advised the fresh air of the mountains for Shri Nathji.