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A photographer had been called by the devotees on that historic day of December 23, 1944, at Lahore, when Shri Nathji and Mateshwari had appeared in the Radhe Krishna costume brought by Gangabai Bhutt.  He preserved the occasion by photographing the event. The results of the picture astonished even the photographer. It was impossible to believe that the picture belonged to ordinary human beings. The sheer perfection of the features, the beauty of the faces of Shri Nathji and Mateshwari, and the divine love and bliss that exuded from the picture, made it stand out as a marvel of its own type. It appeared as if one had been transported to the days of Lord Krishna and was witnessing the Lord Himself in all his regalia of the past.
The picture was sent by a devotee to the Kalyan Magazine published from Gorakhpur. The editor was astonished and said: “Never before has such divine beauty and bliss been reflected in any other human face. Although many pictures have been published in our magazine, never before have I seen such a unique picture!”
Later when the picture was published in the Kalyan Magazine, all who saw it were equally astonished. But then everyone knew that it was not for nothing that Shri Nathji was regarded as God Incarnate by his devotees. No one in the world had a face like him.
Gangabai Bhutt and Ganesh Prasad Bhutt took the picture to Chandrapur, which was close to Nagpur, and gave copies of it to some selected friends of theirs. The picture became so popular in the town that crowds flocked to see it in the homes of those where it had been kept. And it was not a mere picture. Whoever prayed before the picture with faith and devotion received the answers to his prayers almost immediately.
Shri Nathji and Mateshwari preserved one copy of the photograph and did not make any further copies of it at Lahore, nor did they exhibit the photograph before people.
It lay on a wall in their bedroom for years, shielded from the eyes of the public. Shri Nathji never had any worldly ambitions, nor did he ever seek to exploit any situation for his own popularity or benefit. He had no desires within him. It was for this reason that he did not amass wealth or build a large following or create an organisation. With a beauty like his, which transcended human powers of description, and the sheer force of his divine personality, he would have become anything that he wanted to become in the world. But he effaced himself to such an extent that at times he even disappeared from public view.