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For those who had absolute and complete faith in their Master, no action of their Master would appear to be contrary to their belief in him, no matter how inexplicable the action may be.
Shri Nathji used to recite the following verse in Persian:

Dosh az masjid sooye maikhaana aamad peere maa
Cheest yaaraane tareekat baad azeen tadbeera maa

Yesterday, our Master left the mosque and entered the drinking tavern,
O thou who art orthodox! What else could we do but follow him!
Shri Nathji would also explain the parable in different words:
“When a saint left the temple and entered a drinking tavern, one set of his followers left him, believing that he had taken to the wrong path. The other set of his followers, however, said to themselves. ‘If we know that it is wrong to go to a drinking tavern, surely he must know it too. Therefore, if he has gone there he must have a reason for doing so, which we cannot understand. Our duty is not to lose faith but rather to follow him!’ And when these followers went to the drinking tavern, they discovered that the idol –moorti, of the temple had miraculously appeared there! And the drinking tavern had turned into a place of prayer!”
Shri Nathji used to say: “You have faith that you exist. Even if the lights were to go out and you were plunged into darkness so that you could not see yourself—you would still have faith that you exist. In a like manner man must have faith in God under all circumstances of life. He must have faith in God when God listens to his prayers, and he must have faith when God does not listen to his prayers.”