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There was the verse that Shri Nathji recited only on very rare occasions when he was carried away by a sea of bliss at the fervour of devotion of his devotees. It was a verse that Mateshwari especially enjoyed:

Rindon ki talab par saakiyaa kausar ko bhee josh aayaa
Paimaanaa bakaf aayaa maikhaana badosh aayaa!

So swayed was the Saki of Heaven at the thirst of His lovers,
That he came running – a cup in his hand, and the drinking tavern on his shoulders!

Here was a new face of God that Shri Nathji presented, a face that was filled with joy at the sight of his devotees and seekers after truth.
When a learned pandit said to Shri Nathji: “Sir, we look upon you as perfect, so how can you say that your happiness has increased at any time? There can be no increase or decrease in one who is perfect. Poorna men to vridhee naheen hoti!”
Shri Nathji laughed and said: “The Ocean remains perfect in itself–but it does give rise to tidal waves!

“Samundar to samundar hee hai, magar jwaar bhataa to uss men bhee aa jaati hai!”

Shri Nathji often revealed his true self in the verses given below, which carried people to another world.
It was the highest of philosophies revealed in a simple poetry. Smt. Gangabai Bhutt had been so affected by this poem that she had used it in her drama, “Divya Darshan”, in which she had shown the Avatar of God in human form calling out to the world in these words.
Indeed all the endeavours of man were aimed at seeking God in the trials and tribulations of the world.  His status and wealth and power were laid to naught by the final face of God that came to him in the form of Death.
And in the end, man was to discover that the God he had sought and run after from place to place, was in fact sitting inside him! The closer that man came to God, the more he found himself merging into Him.