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Even as the birthday celebrations were in progress on June 23, 1945, at Shadi Bhavan, dark clouds gathered in the sky and began an ominous rumbling. There were people amidst the gathering who were filled with fear. They knew how terrible rain-storms could be in the mountains.
Some were contemplating returning to their homes as quickly as they possibly could, when Shri Nathji’s voice rang out:
Stay! Do not be afraid of the clouds! After all, we are gathered together here to take the name of God. The clouds are rumbling in obedience to the laws of Nature, which work at the behest of God. Indirectly, the clouds are doing Gods work without fear of anyone.
“Why, then, should we be afraid to do God’s work for fear of the clouds? And He, who controls all of Creation, can surely control the rain. Still, if there be some who are afraid, then let them leave. But what will they do if they get wet on the way? Would it not be far better to get wet while taking the name of God?
Not a single person left. And though the clouds rumbled the entire evening, there was not a single drop of rain.